File No. 763.72112/1054

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at London (Skinner)

No. 363]

Sir: The Department has received your despatch No. 394 of April 14, 1915,1 in regard to possible plans for rendering the shipping from America to neutral countries less hazardous than it is at present.

The Department does not perceive any objection to your suggesting a meeting of shipping interests, provided, of course, you act entirely unofficially in bringing it about. As to subsequent participation or recognition by this Government, even unofficially, the proposals or plans resulting from the meeting would have to be considered. In case you undertake to set on foot such a meeting, the [Page 506] Department desires that you make it clear that you act merely in an advisory capacity and in no respect officially.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Wilbur J. Carr
  1. Ante, p. 373.