File No. 763.72112/1386b

The Secretary of State to the Swedish Minister (Ekengren)

My Dear Mr. Minister: I have received your letter delivered by Miss Hendrickson, the Chancellor of your Legation, in regard to negotiations between the United States and Great Britain upon the question of neutral rights.1 As I informed Miss Hendrickson, the Department has just received a note from Great Britain in reply to the United States note of March 30, relative to the order in council of March 11.

I have not, however, had time to read the note which has just been placed on my desk and am, therefore, unable to say at the present moment what the attitude of this Government will be. Of course, this Government will prepare a reply to this British note, and mean-while I shall be glad to discuss with you personally the points of difference between your Government and the British Government, with a view to ascertaining whether it is possible for our two Governments to make more or less uniform representations to the British Government in behalf of the rights of neutrals.

Very sincerely yours,

Robert Lansing
  1. Not printed; see the letter of the Swedish Minister, July 31, post, p. 500.