File No. 763.72112/1376

The Secretary of the Treasury ( McAdoo ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: On behalf of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, I wish to inquire whether your Department intends to make claim on the British Government for losses and expenses sustained on account of American steamers and their cargoes being detained and/or seized in British ports.

This inquiry is made because if such is the purpose of the State Department, then it is a matter that concerns the Bureau, as no doubt many claims will be received by the Bureau for losses and expenses on account of American steamers and their cargoes having been detained and/or seized by the British, and such being the case, if the State Department contemplates asking the British Government to make reparation for this kind of claims, we would sincerely appreciate your advising us, so that when such claims are settled by the Bureau, the documents which the State Department requires to deal with the matter could be obtained in the hope that the amount paid by the Bureau would be hereafter recovered from the British Government.

By direction of the Secretary:

Wm. P. Malburn

Assistant Secretary