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The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


1848. In order to avoid any misunderstanding as to attitude of Government of United States in regard to prize court proceedings in cases involving American interests, inform British Government that in view of differences which are understood to exist between the two Governments as to the principles of law applicable in these cases, the Government of the United States desires to make clear to the British Government that in so far as the interests of American citizens are concerned, it will insist upon their rights under the hitherto established principles and rules of international law governing neutral trade in time of war, without modification or limitation by orders in council or other municipal legislation by Great Britain, and it will not recognize the validity of proceedings taken in prize court under restraints imposed by British municipal law in derogation of their rights.

Inform Urion1 and report any suggestions by him.

  1. Attorney for the American packers. See telegrams from the Ambassador, May 21, ante, p. 405, and July 17, post, p. 474.