File No. 300. 115/3817

The Consul General at London ( Skinner ) to the Secretary of State


Llama, after being released June 5, rearrested, detained without charges until June 12. Nebraskan in ballast detained two days, no reason whatsoever. Leelanaw now detained while British Government awaits proofs that its suspicions are unfounded. F. J. Lisman now detained while innocent cargo reconsigned Netherlands Trust. Segurança, A. A. Raven and others similarly detained for reconsignment cargo. In all such cases claims for demurrage and local expenses referred by Foreign Office to prize court although payments for requisitioned steamers are made promptly on commercial basis. Similarly Government are paying for Wilhelmina cargo and twenty-eight cotton cargoes on commercial lines. It is unjust that vessel [Page 450] owners not carrying contraband and under no charges should be deprived of their property and compelled to go to court to obtain payment legitimate bills but unless Department insist upon payment bills for demurrage and reimbursement local expenses, adjustment such heavy items will be subject to hazards and delays prize-court procedure.