File No. 300.115/3597

The Consul General at London ( Skinner ) to the Secretary of State


Department’s 5th.1 Cargo from Hilding seized as contraband with expectation of holding under order in council, March 11, if contraband charge fails. If claims are forwarded to me I propose as in other cases to ascertain position and where possible effect release goods. Even though goods may be contraband, procurator general will consider evidence indicating innocent ultimate destination and has advised me to obtain where possible original correspondence with buyers or consignees. When cases are submitted through Consulate General there is always hope that release will follow without formal proceedings or expense and in contrary event they can be turned over to solicitors. In all cases it is futile to forward request for release unsupported by documentary history of consignment. Procurator general is releasing all Ogeechee consignments where proof payment and ownership prior March 11 is clearly shown but many claims alleging payment unconfirmed.

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