File No. 300.115/3446

The Consul General at London ( Skinner ) to the Secretary of State


Department’s 3d1 and 7th.2 Ogeechee case. Procurator general after consulting Foreign Office writes:

Foreign office unable see any reason why proceedings should not take usual course, and I may point out that goods fall within jurisdiction of prize court. When vessel detained by executive authority comes under provisions order in council, it is not in my power, but must rest with Secretary of State to grant permission to continue voyage without discharging cargo. With regard your proposal that I suggest expeditious manner clearing up Ogeechee, I should be glad to do what is possible. I should be prepared to consider any evidence which claimants produce to show that goods had become property citizens of United States before issue of order in council, with view to release goods without action under clause five. In proper cases I should myself be prepared to take necessary steps.

In view of foregoing, renew my recommendation May 3 [5] and 8.3

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