File No. 704.6167/3

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau )


732. The Russian Government has so earnestly expressed its desire that our Embassy take over the representation of Russia, in case of war between Italy and Turkey, that the President asks me to lay the matter before you again. The Russian Government offers to provide all of the assistance that you need and will lighten the burden as much as possible. The President does not desire to insist upon your assuming this task and suggests that you cable us fully, giving your reasons for believing that the taking over of this representation would be unwise. We appreciate the fidelity with which you have discharged your onerous duties there, which is probably the reason why the Russian Government is so anxious to have you act for it, and this Government, of course, is desirous of accommodating other Governments whenever possible. It increases the influence that we can exert in behalf of peace when the time comes.