File No. 300.115/2561

The Consul General at London (Skinner) to the Secretary of State


British proclamation October 291 in effect prescribes that conditional contraband when shipped to neutral countries must be forwarded to named consignee, since which date shippers have generally sought to comply nevertheless Vitalia with cargo consigned according to only known rule held from February 26 to March 11 and released only after all goods had been reconsigned to Netherlands Oversea Trust. American ship A. A. Raven detained since March 2 similar circumstances, owners now endeavoring under difficulties to reconsign. American ship Ruby expected 16th and will be detained until goods are reconsigned. This situation unsatisfactory inasmuch as Government has proclaimed one rule and is enforcing another without defining it or giving shippers opportunity to adjust themselves to it, furthermore unwritten rule imposes expense about one and half per cent upon neutral shippers for benefit of Government but which Government does not assume. Respectfully suggest British Government be requested to state rules relating shipments to Holland and position of floating cargoes with respect thereto.