File No. 300.115Ev2/4

The Ambassador in Germany (Gerard) to the Secretary of State


1659. Consul General, Bremerhaven, reports steamer Evelyn ran on two mines 19th, 4 a. m., near Isle Borkum, sank seven hours later. Only two boats manned: Captain Smith, thirteen men, Dutch pilot in one First Officer Swenson, thirteen men in other. First boat said to have been rescued 10 o’clock Saturday morning, but present where-abouts yet unknown. Latter boat picked up by German scoutship Mars 4 o’clock Saturday afternoon; taken to Heligoland. Thirteen men brought to Bremerhaven, put in sailors’ home. Spanish stoker, Hans Ilaro, frozen and buried at sea; appears to be only death. Other survivors expected to-morrow. Those in Bremerhaven out of danger.