File No. 300.115/2414a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


1157. Department advised Harrington, New York attorney for underwriters, has been in conference with you concerning copper detained Gibraltar since October; that British Government has offered [Page 335] to buy or requisition at £60 per ton, and that Harrington also intimates British Government might release copper to shippers on condition that they take delivery at Gibraltar free of all charge or claim. Shippers desire fair arrangement but represent injustice of taking delivery at Gibraltar owing to difficulty of handling and abnormal freight market there. As shippers have already paid freight and insurance to neutral port, it would seem British Government should deliver copper to them free of further expense in England, France, or United States or take copper at Gibraltar at current market price which is about £69. From the suggested arrangement there should apparently be excepted 800 tons shipped by American Metal Company to Brown Boveri and Company, Switzerland; if, as your telegram 1536 of January 27 indicates, British Government has agreed with Swiss Government to release for original destination. Department desires prompt and fair settlement of matter and hopes you may assist in facilitating it.