File No. 711.0012/645

The Minister in Roumania, Servia, and Bulgaria ( Vopicka ) to the Secretary of State

Bulgarian Series]
No. 159]

Sir: I have the honor to refer again to the Department’s communication of December 18, 1914,1 regarding the treaty between Bulgaria and America, and beg to state that I have once more communicated with his excellency the Prime Minister, Monsieur Radoslavoff, asking him whether he is yet ready to take up this matter, but so far have not received any answer from him.

I stated in my last report that the policy of Bulgaria would have to undergo a change, and it has been partially changed; it is now more favorable to the Triple Entente than before.

I have heard from some of my diplomatic friends that a book, which was claimed to have been written by our then Consular Agent, Dr. Kermektchiev, was actually written by the Bulgarian ex-Prime Minister Monsieur Ghenadiev. In this book Bulgaria is strongly urged to join the central European powers against the Triple Entente, the intention being, I understand, to alarm the Triple Entente with a view to obtaining from them the best possible terms.

During the last four weeks the Triple Entente has been working more energetically than before to get Bulgaria on their side, and, from their point of view, matters have looked more hopeful in this connection. A special telegram from Petrograd, however, is printed in the local papers stating that the Russian Cabinet is insisting upon the resignation of the Radoslavoff Cabinet, to which demand, I feel sure, Bulgaria will not accede. When the time comes, if it comes at all, that the Dardanelles are captured, Bulgaria will not hesitate and if the Triple Entente will comply with her desire in the main she will join this group and help to defeat the Turks.

I have [etc.]

Charles J. Vopicka
  1. Not printed.