File No. 763.72112/696

The Assistant Secretary of the Treasury ( Peters ) to the Solicitor for the Department of State

My Dear Mr. Johnson : I enclose herewith a letter from Mr. George E. Warren, of the Morrellville Coal Mining Company, 1 Broadway, New York, to me, which I beg to refer to you for an answer to his inquiry.

Yours sincerely,

A. J. Peters

Assistant Secretary

Mr. George E. Warren to the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury ( Peters )

My Dear Mr. Peters : As a chartered owner of steamships under American registry, I would like to be informed at my office, 35 Congress Street, Boston, on Monday, if possible, whether a cargo of foodstuffs, consigned to German ports from this country; would be considered non-contraband in case the consignee were a company composed largely of German stockholders, provided that the German Ambassador at Washington furnished a certificate to the effect that none of these foodstuffs was for either the Government, any agent of the Government or for use by the army or navy. If you could get the proper official to wire or write me Monday, it would be a great favor.

I am [etc.]

Geo. E. Warren