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The Minister in Sweden ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State


16. Department’s January 21, 6 p. m.1 Foreign Office states comparisons in values set out by Great Britain unfair for reason prices greatly enhanced since outbreak of war; that only fair comparison is by weight or volume.

Foreign Office furnishes following approximate statistics of Swedish imports for November–December 1913, and same period 1914:

[1913] [1914]
Cotton 4,000 tons 9,000 tons
Grain and food products 108,000 tons 88,000 tons
Sulphur 7,000 tons 11,000 tons
Mineral oils 30,000 tons 32,000 tons
Copper 1,700,000 [kilograms] 3,000,000 kilograms

Complete statistics available about February 1.

  1. Not printed.