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The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


939. Your number 1434, January 7, 8 p. m.1 Please prepare a note to Sir Edward Grey in reply to his note of January 7 in the sense of the following:

We appreciate the friendly spirit in which the American note of December 282 was received by the British Government and we have no doubt that the cordial relations between the two Governments will continue throughout the pending diplomatic discussion. The Government of the United States notes with satisfaction that His Majesty’s Government agree with the principles of international law as set forth in the American note. As this note is being carefully examined by the British Government with a view to making a further reply in detail, it would seem premature for me to answer at the present time [Page 306] the remarks of Sir Edward Grey. It is the intention of this Government to consider the points raised by Sir Edward Grey in connection with the further reply of the British Government promised by him.