File No. 300.115/1892a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


780. (1) Copies of telegraphic correspondence between William Symington, London, and Stewart Hotchkiss, New York, exhibited to Department state that permits for exportation of rubber have been granted by British authorities for shipment to Sweden and Italy on individual guarantees of manufacturers against reexportation and that Italian Government have not prohibited exportation of rubber. Department desires you discreetly ascertain as far as possible any and all instances of permission for exportation of embargoed articles from either British Isles or British foreign territories to any country.

(2) American Metal Company, New York, write Department they received recent cable from London house asking that shipment of copper be made to merchant in Copenhagen; that steamship company promptly gave space for shipment on Arkansas and Alexandria, stating no certificate or evidence of neutral consumption necessary; at the same time refused requested space for shipment of copper to merchant in Stockholm unless accompanied by certificate of Swedish Ambassador, countersigned by British Ambassador, and that for more than ten days have been unable to secure certificate.

(3) Department also informed by representative of copper interests that significant proposal was made by London concern that American copper interests would do well to engage them to handle shipments of copper for European countries. Indications are not wanting that copper is being sold by English concerns to neutral countries of Europe while American shipments are seized by British authorities. It would be interesting to know if any copper seized or detained by British ultimately finds its way to countries of Europe.

Bear this information in mind and discreetly ascertain and cable any information in verification of these reports, or tending to show advantages reaped by British concerns in matter of trade with neutrals.