File No. 763.72112/2484a

Statement issued by the Swiss Legation with respect to shipments for Switzerland

Pursuant to an agreement made by the Swiss Import Trust with the Governments of France, England, and Italy, shipments destined for Switzerland must, with certain exceptions, be consigned to the “Société Suisse de Surveillance Economique” in Berne, commonly known as “S.S.S.”, not to the individual buyer.

All shipments for Switzerland must be accompanied by a shipping certificate, issued by the Swiss Legation in Washington (which will have it viséed by the French or Italian and British Embassies), or by any Swiss Consulate in the United States (in which case it must be viséed by the consuls of the respective countries).

The bills of lading must be made out in the name of the S.S.S. In order to avoid difficulties in transit upon arrival in a European port, the bills of lading must contain the statement (on margin) [Page 294] that a certificate covering the goods in question has been issued, or that such a certificate is attached to it.

The actual permit of the S.S.S. to consign shipments to it is not required here. This document has to be secured by the buyer in Switzerland, and must be presented at the European port.