File No. 165.102/539

The Ambassador in Germany (Gerard) to the Secretary of State


2434. My 2253. Foreign Office now communicates following:

The Imperial Government ready, as far as it is concerned, to permit shipment of dyestuffs via Rotterdam instead of via Bremen in order to facilitate importation of [cotton by] American buyers, which is a condition of the granting of permission for exportation of dyestuffs. However, inasmuch as Holland has now put an embargo on exportation of cotton, no surety would exist that the cotton unloaded in Rotterdam would in all cases reach its destination in Germany. Therefore, before German color manufacturers would be permitted to substitute Rotterdam for Bremen as point of delivery, a binding declaration of the Dutch Government would be necessary. This declaration should assure the undisturbed transshipment of cotton destined for Germany. Foreign Office awaits information whether American Government undertakes full guarantee that American cotton ships will proceed without hindrance to Rotterdam and that cotton they carry will be transshipped through Holland. A renewed declaration respectfully requested to the effect that the guarantees for safe passage of the ships loaded with dyestuffs to the United States unmolested by England and France and for disposition and exclusive use of the colors in the United States are still valid.