The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard )


1654. Your 2199, 10th. Official statistics show shipment of over million and quarter bales since conference at your office with William A. Mitchell in October, representing textile association. Value of this cotton at least ten times value of coal-tar dyestuffs released thus far. Many of ships carrying cotton have returned in ballast, including Guantanamo and City of Savannah, within last few weeks, for which application was recently made for release of cargo of dyestuffs and not granted. Textile association not chartering Neches nor connected in any way with the outward cargo. Does not know its destination beyond Rotterdam. Textile association insists it should receive interned dyestuffs cargo for Neches in lieu of ships heretofore returning in ballast. Cannot hold Neches unless assured of cargo for her. Time of greatest importance. Hasten answer.