File No. 300.115/6182

The Ambassador in Germany (Gerard) to the Secretary of State


3170. My 3149, November 23.1 Foreign Office grants definite export permission for shipment 15,000 Zentner sugar-beet seed to be consigned Secretary Agriculture and distributed, delivery as follows: Zuckerfabrik, Kleinwanzleben, 5,600; Heinrich Mette, Quedlinburg, 1,200; Dippe Brothers, Quedlinburg, 2,200; C. Braune, Bernburg, 1,800; Schreiber and Son, Nordhausen, 3,000; Heine, Hadmersleben, 1,200 Zentner.

Department’s 2437, November 24.1 German Government regrets to be unable allow further exportations beet seed without equivalent and refers to reasons transmitted in my 3075, November 3. Your 2424, November 20.1 No objection on part German Government to transshipment of beet seed released in Austria-Hungary as not forbidden. Have communicated with Consul Donegan.

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