File No. 300.115/5170b

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Gerard)


2017. Agent Dippe Brothers, seed growers at Quedlinburg, telegraphs American agent they have ready for shipment 50,000 bags beet seed subject export license. Buyers must send certificate attested by State Department that goods for own use and apply at British Embassy, Washington, confirmation transport security.

Department Agriculture signifies willingness act as consignee for sugar-beet seed imported for American sugar companies and that all seed will be reconsigned to sugar companies only upon satisfactory guarantees from them that seed will be used by them and will not be reexported.

Understand Dippe Brothers influential with German Government, and suggest Donegan, Magdeburg, interview and present these facts to them and request their cooperation in getting necessary export licenses. British Embassy has been requested to give special permit for shipment Rotterdam to New York, and you will be advised of its action.