File No. 763.72112/1828

Statement for the press issued by the Department of State, November 12, 1915

The foreign trade adviser of the Department is in receipt of a communication from Sir Richard Crawford, commercial adviser of the British Embassy, stating that the British Government is prepared to issue permits for shipment to the United States of books in German or other language, from the enemies of Great Britain, of a philosophical, scientific, technical, or educational character, if specifically destined for universities, colleges, or public bodies. Sir Richard Crawford states that it would be required that in all such applications for such permits, the good faith of the application and the particular institution concerned should be vouched for by some official authority. The Librarian of Congress has indicated his willingness to act in the capacity indicated by Sir Richard Crawford, in passing on these applications. The endorsement of the Librarian of Congress upon the application would be to the effect that he is satisfied that the application is genuine, and that the volumes for which the application is made are in fact intended for the use of applicant institution.

If universities, colleges or other public institutions interested in obtaining books of this character, will forward their applications to the Librarian of Congress, the latter will pass upon them and after satisfying himself of the bona fides of the application and the proposed use of the books, so endorse the application, forwarding it to the foreign trade adviser of this Department, who will in turn forward it to the British Embassy at this Capital with an unofficial request that the permit for the shipment of the books in question be issued.