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The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


2010. Department’s 1904, July 26. British note of June 22, 1915, indicates British authorities would give consideration only to cases involving particular hardships where goods required for neutral Governments’ municipalities or works public utilities and payment made before March 1. Foreign trade advisers informed some time since by Sir Richard Crawford that after June 15 all goods would come under Article 4, British order in council, March 15, 1915.1 Department glad to learn through Consul General’s telegram August 20 that Bride and Hays are obtaining permits German goods ordered prior to March 1 under circumstances rendering purchaser liable, also from other sources British authorities have issued permits allowing scientific goods lying in Rotterdam to come forward. Department does not understand why similar permits may not be obtained through British Embassy here upon informal applications of foreign trade advisers, State Department, as in cases of goods shipped prior to June 15.

Informally inquire into the facts and ascertain the conditions under which permits are being granted and if applications to foreign trade advisers acting informally and as representatives of the applicants may not receive same treatment as applications made through attorneys in London. Answer quickly.

  1. The British note of June 17, post, p. 443, and the order in council of March 11, ante, p. 144, are evidently intended.