File No. 300.115/28355

The Commercial Adviser of the British Embassy (Crawford) to the Foreign Trade Adviser of the Department of State (Rose)

Dear Mr. Rose : In confirmation of my telephonic message to Mr. Bride on Monday and my notification to you of yesterday, I beg to inform you that the Netherlands Oversea Trust has been advised by the British Government that goods of German or other enemy origin, bought and paid for before March 1, must be shipped from Holland before June 1 next, after which date all such shipments must cease.

I may add, however, that as a special concession to the United States Government the British Government are prepared to allow shipment up to June 15 from neutral ports to the United States of those goods of enemy origin, for which proof of payment prior to March 1 has been produced to this Embassy by the State Department. This concession is made solely on the ground of the time required to submit evidence owing to the greater distance and the difficulties of postal and telegraphic communication, and on the understanding that no further extension is asked for under any circumstances.

Yours very truly,

R. F. Crawford