File No. 611.00176/13

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard )1


1687. Your 2141, April 30. Convey the following instructions to consular officers in Germany:

Until further orders consuls are authorized upon the request of shippers to issue certificates of the transfer to American ownership of the title to merchandise to be exported to the United States if the following regulations are observed:

Each invoice of merchandise claimed to have been purchased in Germany before March 1 for shipment to the United States must be accompanied by a sworn declaration of the persons submitting the invoice to the American consular officer for certification, stating that the title to the goods was transferred to American ownership before March 1 and stating when and how such transfer was made.
The declarant must submit the originals or certified copies of documents in proof of the statements in his declaration.
The consul must satisfy himself of the correctness of the declaration and the genuineness of the proof by inspection of originals of documents and in such other manner as may in his judgment be necessary to enable him accurately to issue his certificates.
Upon being satisfied of the accuracy of the shipper’s special declaration, the consul shall endorse thereon the following certificate, “American Consulate, (place), (date). Based upon the attached documents, I certify that I am satisfied that the declarant’s statements that the merchandise therein mentioned passed into American ownership before March 1, 1915, are true. Official signature, title and seal. No fee.”
Consuls should exercise great care in issuing foregoing certificates and insist upon production of documentary evidence fully establishing declarant’s statements and satisfying consuls of transfer to American ownership.

  1. The same, mutatis mutandis, to the Ambassador in Austria-Hungary, No. 685, May 15.