File No. 763.72112/1067

The Minister in the Netherlands ( Van Dyke ) to the Secretary of State


257. Your April 29, 6 p. m. After consulting with Oversea. Trust I have the honor to report as follows:

Exports from Germany to the United States now possible only by one of two methods.

First method: An American consul in Germany must sign unqualified certificate that he has seen documents satisfying him goods have passed into American ownership by payment before March 2. Definition of what constitutes payment, whether by cash or negotiable notes or otherwise, is left to judgment of consul who must forward certificate to steamship line before sailing.

Second method: A special permit must be obtained from British authorities for each specific shipment and forwarded to steamship line. Application for permit may be made through British Ambassador, [Page 213] Washington, or American Ambassador, London. Permit granted only upon convincing diplomatic or, economic representations.

Oversea Trust have no connection with movement until, acting for the Allies, they examine ship’s manifest and certificates. They will accept as true any American consular certificate covering ownership as above. They refuse to accept any certificate or guarantee except governmental. They charge fee to steamship but not to ship.

Van Dyke