File No. 763.72112/807

The Cutlery Importers Association to the Secretary of State

Honorable Sir: Whereas the British Government has issued an order in council for the purpose of effecting the complete commercial isolation of Germany and the total destruction of her trade with other nations, and

Whereas the literal enforcement of said order will cause great and irreparable loss to all those who are engaged either in importing cutlery and allied lines or in manufacturing such articles from certain raw and partly finished materials obtainable in Germany only,

Now therefore be it resolved: That this association petition the Government of the United States to take the necessary steps to secure such modification of the said order in council as will permit the importation of all non-contraband merchandise, regardless of the place of its origin, provided the same is shipped in neutral vessels from one neutral port to another neutral port, without interference by Great Britain or her allies.

Further resolved: That we hereby call to the attention of the United States Government that if the said order in council is enforced it will be impossible for members of this association to import such goods as mill scissors, used generally by mill hands, pruning shears, used extensively by farmers and horticulturists, surgical scissors and forceps, necessary in all hospitals and to all surgeons, and various lines of partly finished materials for use of domestic manufacturers, all of which are produced in Germany only and have not been produced in the United States and cannot be produced until after the lapse of such time as will work great hardship and loss to all interested parties.

Further resolved: That many goods of this class have been definitely contracted for by citizens of the United States and are therefore the actual property of such citizens; and that this association respectfully petitions the Government to properly protect American property.

Respectfully submitted.

E. Stratmann