File No. 763.72112/807

The Secretary of the National Association of Importers to the Secretary of State

Dear Sir: The following is a copy of a resolution passed at a special meeting of the National Association of Importers held to-day:

Whereas the Government of Great Britain has announced that it holds itself at liberty to prevent the shipment or forwarding of all goods of German and Austrian origin; and

Whereas a number of the products of Germany and Austria are vitally necessary to the industries of the United States of America and to the lively-hood of a large number of its citizens; and

Whereas the prohibited products of Germany include dyestuffs and chemicals which are necessary in the manufacture of a large number of commodities by American factories, and fertilizers are necessary for the productivity of American farms; and

Whereas the lack of importation of dyestuffs, chemicals, and fertilizers from Germany and Austria will cause the cessation of operation of a large number of factories in the United States, the loss of livelihood of many citizens, and the diminution of the products of American farms, to the serious detriment of the United States;

Now, therefore, at a special meeting of the National Association of Importers, held at the City of New York on the 10th day of March, 1915, called to consider the matter, it was

Resolved that the Department of State be and it is hereby respectfully petitioned to obtain a modification of such embargo announced or contemplated by Great Britain, so that the free passage of dyestuffs, chemicals and fertilizers to the United States may be permitted.

I trust I may be able to report to the Association that this resolution has had your attention.

I would appreciate it if you could indicate what action has been or will be taken in the matter.

Yours respectfully,

Morris Douw Ferris