File No. 763.72112/1646

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Page) to the Secretary of State


2890. Your 2102, 11th. Foreign Office assures me that there is no question of any discrimination against American fruit and states that British Government received valuable concessions from Holland under the arrangements made with the Netherlands Oversea Trust In return for such concessions British Government agreed to allow, under special conditions and within specified limits, the free import of certain goods to Holland. Amongst these were specified classes of fruits, the produce of Mediterranean countries (except Turkey) and carried in ships of a particular Dutch line which sail once a month, such fruits being allowed to pass not consigned to the Netherlands Oversea Trust. As at first arranged, goods of Spanish origin were not included although Portugal was included and although the trust had asked for the free import of Spanish grapes. Recently British Government consented to extend the concession to consignments from Spain. Foreign Office further adds that if United States Government are disposed at any time to afford to British Government, in regard to the control of contraband trade, the same assistance and cooperation as the Netherlands have done, British Government will no doubt be prepared to make some concession in return.

American Ambassador