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The Ambassador in Italy ( Page ) to the Secretary of State


310. Referring to Embassy’s telegram No. 307, May 29, I have received to-day the following note from the Foreign Office of which following is translation:

In continuation of the communication dated the 26th instant, the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the honor to inform the Embassy of the [Page 167] United States of America that the southern limit of the blockade of the coast of Albania was fixed on the 30th1 instant at the point of Aspri Ruga (Strade Bianche). In consequence of this provision the geographical limits of blockaded Albanian territory are the following:

Northern limit: 41° 52′ north latitude and 19° 22′ 40″ longitude east from Greenwich; southern limit 40° 09′ 36″ north latitude and 19° 35′ 25″ longitude east from Greenwich.

The new line of exclusion established between Cape Otranto and Aspri Ruga will form the line of blockade for all the purposes of the declaration of May 26, 1915.

The time allowed to vessels of friendly or neutral powers to leave the blockaded zone has been fixed by E., the Commander in Chief of the Italian naval forces, at ten days beginning from the date of the declaration of the blockade.

In requesting the Embassy of the United States of America to kindly bring the foregoing to the notice of the Government of the United States, the Royal Ministry for Foreign Affairs has recourse to its obliging cooperation for a statement of the date at which the period for leaving the blockaded zone was communicated to the agents of the said Government in the ports blockaded by the Italian fleet.

Nelson Page
  1. Sometimes described as the blockade declared on May 28.