File No. 811.142/1176e

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Page)


2518. Inform British Government American Red Cross greatly desires permission to forward rubber gloves and other hospital supplies [Page 1047] to hospitals Central powers, and would appreciate a prompt answer. Call attention British Government to following facts: At request of Allies American Red Cross constantly sending large quantities hospital supplies to Allies’ hospitals, and if Red Cross is unable to send supplies to all belligerents it may not be in position to continue sending supplies to any. October 19 and 25 respectively Red Cross requested, through British Embassy, Washington, permits for shipment hospital supplies to Bulgarian and to German and Austro-Hungarian Red Cross, all these supplies to be consigned via Rotterdam to American Minister Hague. In spite of several cables no answer received, and Red Cross obliged cancel space reserved on steamers for shipment. American Ambassador Berlin cabled Red Cross through State Department for rubber gloves which he will personally distribute hospitals. No reply received by Red Cross to inquiry through British Embassy if these and other rubber hospital supplies may be forwarded to German Red Cross.