File No. 855.48/260

The Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard ) to the Secretary of State


2156. Following received, from American Legation, Hague, and transmitted Foreign Office April 21:

[Page 1039]

55, 20th. Commission requests you to ask German Government for safe-conduct passes from Falmouth to Rotterdam for steamers Ethelbrytha, Ardandiorg, carisbrooke, Yeddo, Horsa, carrying cargoes which they have purchased en route. They propose that American Ambassador, London, be authorized to deliver the passes on telegraphic advice for each steamer from German Legation, Hague. They also request the same procedure in future for similar cases. We understand German Legation here telegraphing their Government their agreement to above. Matter is urgent on account of supplies for northern France and to save demurrage on steamers.

Foreign Office replies, dated 1st, received to-day:

German Government quite willing issue safe-conduct permits those ships carrying cargoes bought afloat by commission for each passage from Falmouth to Rotterdam provided vessels carry exclusively cargoes for relief commission and are provided with markings commission clearly distinguishable day and night. These permits would be issued by Imperial Legation, Hague, pursuant instructions from Berlin and would be delivered to Rotterdam representative relief commission for further transmission.

Legation Hague informed direct.