File No. 763.72114/307

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Gerard)


1415. Your 1824,1 11th, 1850,2 1851,2 15th, 1883,2 20th. Department’s 10073 covered both distribution of supplies and securing information [Page 1014] prisoners’ camps. German reply proposes regulations for securing information but says nothing about distributing supplies. Department understands proposal for distributing supplies is accepted without qualification. Belgian, French, and Russian Governments have been notified of plan and regulations as approved by German Government, and that German Government has expressed hope that powers at war with Germany will assent. Department understands that proposed arrangement becomes effective with each government which concurs without waiting for agreement by all. Arrangement for prisoners in Germany of French, Russian, and Belgian nationality must be made by those Governments through Spanish Ambassador, Berlin, who represents them there. Department further understands that at present ten diplomatic and consular representatives in Germany named by you are permitted to inspect camps, and that you are permitted to distribute supplies as heretofore, and that your 1883, 20th, applies only to conditions mentioned in your 1824, 11th. Please confirm Department’s understanding on all these points, and report for approval of Department names of men selected by you to inspect camps, and how work is organized.

When did you last inspect Ruhleben?

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