File No. 763.72114/530

The Austro-Hungarian Ambassador ( Dumba ) to the Secretary of State

No. 739]

My Dear Mr. Secretary of State: I am desired by Baron Burian to convey to you the expression of the deep gratitude of the Austro-Hungarian [Page 1010] Government for your efficient intervention in St. Petersburg which resulted in the release of the Chancellor of the Imperial and Royal Embassy and several consular officers imprisoned since the beginning of the war.

I have the honor to inform you at the same time that, according to a wireless telegram received from Vienna, my Government has already carried out and put into practice the suggestions considering the treatment of war prisoners as contained in your telegram addressed on the 19th of January last to Mr. Penfield, and that it will continue doing so, on condition of reciprocity being granted by the Russian Government. Besides Baron Burian signified his readiness to accept the third point suggested by your excellency regarding the limitation of the operations and responsibility of the Government of the United States.

I earnestly hope that your excellency’s efforts to induce the other governments interested in the operation of your plan, to accept it also unconditionally, will be soon successful.

May I ask you on this occasion whether the President has—as I understood during my audience he was willing to do so—addressed a direct appeal to His Majesty the Emperor of Russia in favor of the Austro-Hungarian civil and military prisoners?

Believe me [etc.]

C. Dumba