The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Gerard)


1151. Embassy London reports 5th instant that plan of operation which was mentioned in Department’s 10071 to you was communicated to British Government, and reply now received accepts all three points except suggestion under number two regarding direct correspondence of prisoners with their governments, which must remain subject to control of British authorities.

Department confident this point can be arranged in such a way as to be satisfactory to governments concerned.

The British Government also express hope that Embassy in London will at once take charge of preliminary sum of £20,000 for relief of British prisoners of war and interned civilians in Germany, to which Page has replied that he is unable to do so without Department’s authority and unless he is informed that you are able to use this sum advantageously without waiting for official plan of operation to be instituted. Page now asks for definite instructions on this last point, and adds that Grey’s communication is only another indication of eagerness of British Government to have arrangement put through. Your answer as to German Government’s attitude to their proposal is anxiously awaited by British Government. Expedite reply in every possible way.

  1. See footnote 1, ante, p. 1004.