The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Gerard)


927. The American Ambassador at London reports that he has forwarded to you by messenger on December 29 a copy of a written communication from the British Government representing on information accepted by them as creditable that British prisoners of war in Germany are being inhumanly treated at the prisoners’ camp at Crefeld, and that there seems to be a deliberate intention on the part of the German military authorities to discriminate against British prisoners and to degrade them while en route from the point of capture to the place of internment. The British Government request that this communication be transmitted to the German Foreign Office immediately upon its receipt, and pending its receipt that the German Foreign Office be informed the British Government protest against the reported treatment of prisoners. You are authorized to comply with this request without comment other than to say that the British Government feel that they have acted in a liberal spirit under the appropriate provisions of the Hague convention relating to the treatment of prisoners of war. In doing so you will make it clear that you are acting merely as a medium of communication.