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The Minister in Persia (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

No. 105]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith translation of Persian Foreign Office note of yesterday, notifying me of the decision of the Persian Government and Shah to remain at Teheran for the present, instead of moving to Isfahan, as intended.1

To-day a representative of the Foreign Office called to express the Persian Government’s and His Majesty’s appreciation and thanks [Page 996] for this Legation agreeing to accept for safe-keeping the Foreign Office archives and the Shah’s valuable personal effects.

Herewith also copy of communications simultaneously received from the British and the Russian Ministers (see my cable November 241). These Ministers and their respective Governments have made the same objection to the Spanish Minister having charge of Austrian interests.

As previously reported the chancellor of the German Legation, with several German subjects, mostly women, occupy a garden and house adjoining our Legation and under our care.

I have [etc.]

John L. Caldwell
[Enclosure 1]

The British Minister in Persia (Marling) to the American Minister (Caldwell)

My Dear Colleague: I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 15th instant, in which you were so good as to inform me that, acting on the instructions of your Government, you had assumed protection of German and Turkish interests in parts of Persia occupied by Russian troops. I must confess that this communication has caused me much surprise, and having informed my Government thereof, I have now been directed to reply that, inasmuch as there has been no rupture of relations between those two countries and Persia, I fail to understand why the protection of Turkish and German interests in certain parts of Persia should be placed in the hands of the representative of a third power. There is nothing new in the presence of Russian troops in North Persia; and the violent agitation conducted against the interests of Russia and her allies by German agents, which as you must be aware has resulted in the perpetuation of most serious outrages in various parts of this country, has made the presence of the troops and their recent reinforcement essential for the protection of foreign life and property from the dangers which threaten them. The Persian Government recognizes the perfectly justifiable purposes for which the Russian Government ordered the movement of its troops to a position whence immediate aid could be rendered in case of necessity. In these circumstances I am precluded by the instructions of my Government from accepting the announcement contained in your letter.

Believe me [etc.]

Charles M. Marling
[Enclosure 2]

The Russian Minister in Persia (Etter) to the American Minister (Caldwell)

Mr. Minister and Dear Colleague: In continuance of my letter dated November 17, in which I took note of the information that you have accorded your protection to German and Turkish subjects, I have the honor, by order of my Government, to notify you that we cannot recognize the right of neutral powers to assume the protection of German and Turkish subjects, since diplomatic relations between Persia and these two nations have not been broken off.

Please accept [etc.]

N. Etter
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  2. Ante, p. 71.