File No. 763.72/1489

The Ambassador in Germany ( Gerard ) to the Secretary of State


1648. Department’s 1208, 17th. Four million men in field beside two million ready for service; over one hundred army corps fully equipped; barracks full of men undergoing training with large nucleus of veterans among them; 180,000 killed, 160,000 missing, 200,000 wounded not able to return to front. Of course, many more slightly wounded. This year’s usual draft more than replaced losses. Nation united. Large number men uniformed and assisting in caring for wounded. Many volunteers not yet accepted for service. Sick reported in field smaller than usual in garrison. Commissariat excellent, rations much better than in peace. Supply arms and ammunition more than sufficient, large quantity captured being used by Germans against their enemies, especially machine guns and all sorts of provision and ammunition trains and field kitchens. Immense quantity heavy artillery ammunition being and has been manufactured. Supply by factories ample. Supply materials believed ample. Copper supply sufficient for war purposes. German Army requires 100,000 tons copper per year; annual production 25,000 tons. Large quantities now available. Domestic supply in private kitchens not yet tapped. Signal corps still using great quantities new copper wire which they would not be using if shortage in copper. Loan recently floated for five milliard marks. Second similar loan contemplated. Food supplies of country said to be ample until next crop which, if successful, will put country on firm basis. Measure already taken to prevent waste. Country optimistic in every respect.