File No. 867.4016/60

The Ambassador in Turkey (Morgenthau) to the Secretary of State


624. Your 633. My 614.1 Italian Ambassador, who had received instructions similar to mine, joined me in making strong representations to the Sublime Porte yesterday according to your 626. Minister of the Interior stated that the Sublime Porte had sent instructions to provincial authorities to protect from molestation all innocent people and that any official who disobeyed these orders would be punished. Reliable information can be secured only by investigation in the localities, which the Ottoman Government will not allow now. Both Austrian and German Ambassadors hesitate to interfere in the internal affairs of their ally but I have persuaded Austrian Ambassador that massacres of non-Moslems seriously injured them as well as Turkish Government and Austrian Ambassador has communicated this to his Government.

We have succeeded in suspending movement against Zionists and secured permission for their representative Jacobson to leave Turkey instead of being expelled.

American Ambassador
  1. Not printed.