File No. 763.72/1583

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau ) to the Secretary of State


504. My 499.3 Horton reports under date of 11th instant that bombardment of Smyrna fortress and shore batteries by Allied fleet continued from 5th to 9th instant. He had received telegram from our [Page 965] Minister at Athens saying that Admiral of fleet desired to make important communication to Governor of Smyrna. On the 9th instant Horton with Political Director of Smyrna went to Vurla where they boarded British flagship Euryalus. Admiral Pierce made a communication from British and French Governments to the effect that no hostile feelings were entertained towards Ottoman authorities or people of Smyrna, and that the Governor General, whose kind treatment of belligerents was well known in Europe, was highly esteemed; that the Allies demanded the destruction of batteries and fortifications and the raising of mines and other obstacles in harbor insuring fleet’s free entrance. No further military undertakings would be undertaken if the conditions were accepted, nor would city be occupied, and administration of city and province of Smyrna would remain under Governor General to whom would be furnished a considerable sum of money [for] relief of war sufferers. A truce was arranged until 10 a. m., March 11.

Consul General is informed that Governor General sent a simple refusal to the communication. As the British Admiral had previously stated that his orders were to attack and occupy the city in case of refusal, Consul General presumes that hostilities will be resumed. Arrangements have been made for [evacuation] of all Americans if necessary. The city appears to be quiet and without panic for the present.

American Ambassador
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