File No. 763.72/1533

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Page) to the Secretary of State


1723. Referring to my 1703, February 25.1 Please inform Constantinople Embassy as follows:

Your telegram regarding Ottoman Government’s intention to shoot three British subjects at Alexandretta was communicated to British Government without the sentence touching your Offer to pay indemnity personally, since this sentence was indecipherable. On obtaining a correction, I at once informed British Government and have received the following reply which should be read as supplementary to their first answer on the subject.

In acknowledging the receipt of your excellency’s note of the 24th instant touching your previous note of the 22nd relative to the Ottoman Government’s intention to shoot three British subjects at Alexandretta, I have the honour to inform your excellency that my reply of the 25th was drafted and dispatched before the receipt of your excellency’s second note, and that it accurately represents the views of His Majesty’s Government both in the present case and in any future case of this nature which may arise.

I trust, therefore, that the United States Ambassador at Constantinople will still bring the views therein expressed to the notice of the Ottoman Government.

In view however of the fact that in the present instance Mr. Morganthau in a spirit which His Majesty’s Government highly appreciates has as I understand undertaken already to pay the indemnity demanded, His Majesty’s Government will be glad to leave the negotiations for the release of these British subjects in his excellency’s hands and will remit to him the amount of the indemnity when the sum is settled.2

American Ambassador
  1. Not printed.
  2. Repeated to the Ambassador in Turkey, March 4, No. 460.