File No. 763.72/1516

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau ) to the Secretary of State


459. My telegram No. 445, February 25.1 The city Bosporus Marmora shores are being hurriedly fortified to resist possible attack of Allied fleet and it is evident that Turks and Germans both take very serious view of situation at Dardanelles and Black Sea. German Ambassador has suggested that in case Allied fleet enters Marmora I communicate with admiral in command with a view to avoiding or restricting a bombardment of Constantinople which he states otherwise will be stubbornly defended. Should like your instructions on this point. There is much uneasiness among all classes of the population, but so far, no evidences of hostility toward foreigners. Turks are most apprehensive of final result of present attack. Military authorities are largely influenced by the Germans to adopt extreme measures of defense.

American Ambassador
  1. Not printed.