File No. 763.72/1477

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Morgenthau ) to the Secretary of State 1


418. Was informed that as result of killing on February 8 and 9 of three Moslem peasants by British bombardment at Alexandretta [Page 959] military authorities had sent Gaskin, treasurer of English consulate at Bagdad, and Smith, British resident of Belphoebe, to Alexandretta, who had been selected by lot to be shot, and that another Englishman was to be sent. Minister of War confirmed statement and stated that he had delayed execution with the hope that some way be found to prevent it. Minister of War further stated reasonable indemnity to families of the killed would probably adjust matter and prevent regrettable incident. On my agreeing that if British Government did not do so I would personally pay indemnity, Minister of War promised delay until answer of acting commander of fourth army corps is received.

American Ambassador
  1. Repeated to the Ambassador in Great Briten, February 20, No.1160.