File No. 701.6311/153

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Austria-Hungary (Penfield)


908. Your 908, September 19.1 Since Department’s No. 906, September 21,2 a further letter from Doctor Dumba to Baron Burian, taken from Archibald, has been published here and in London, containing discussion of political reasons for and political effect of our reply to Austro-Hungarian Government on export of munitions. The letter also contains following: “having regard to the self-willed temperament of the President”.

Please explain to the Minister for Foreign Affairs that there were only two courses open to this Government in the case of Doctor Dumba, either to hand him his passports or to request his recall. It chose the latter course as the more considerate. The fact is that Doctor Dumba is persona non grata. His immediate recall does not imply condemnation of him by the Austro-Hungarian Government but only his unacceptability to this Government, and we are at a loss to understand why a report from him should be awaited. In the circumstances we can only repeat the request of this Government that Doctor Dumba be recalled immediately.

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  2. Not printed.