File No. 763.72111/2790

The Acting Secretary of the Navy (Roosevelt) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to forward herewith, for your information, copies of telegrams sent and received by this department relative to the censorship of messages at the naval station, Guam.

Sincerely yours,

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Commandant of the Naval Station at Guam (Maxwell) to the Secretary of the Navy (Daniels)

Referring to your 16028, I have complied with instructions.

Naval Government of Guam,
Government House,
, August 8, 1915.

Executive Notice No. 59

The following rules governing the receipt and transmission of local cable messages at Guam are published for the information of all concerned:

Code or cipher cable messages are permitted to and from the United States and its possessions or to neutral countries including United States or neutral vessels of war and merchant vessels providing they are not destined to a belligerent subject and contain no information of any unneutral character such as movements or location of ships of any belligerent nation.
In such messages no code or cipher addresses will be allowed except those registered prior to July 1, 1914, and certified copies of which are filed at this cable station.
All messages must be signed either with the sender’s name or with a duly certified registered name.
Persons sending or receiving such messages must assure the censor as to the neutral character of such messages.
Every such message, both transmitted or received, must be submitted to the censor at such times as he may designate, which will be at such times as will not delay their transmission.
All messages to or from belligerent countries or to or from a citizen of a belligerent nation, or to or from a vessel of war or merchant vessel of any belligerent nation, must be in plain English of an unmistakably neutral character.
All such messages will be submitted to the censor before delivery or transmission.
The above rules will take effect from this date and will continue in future [force?] until further orders.

W. J. Maxwell
Governor of Guam

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