File No. 811.741/122

The German Ambassador (Bernstorff) to the Secretary of State

J. Nr. A 163]

An Executive order of the President of the United States dated. September 51 relative to the supervision of wireless telegraph stations in the United States provides for the admission of code and cipher telegrams exchanged with land stations in Europe. Contrary thereto, the International Bureau of the Telegraphic Union on page 3 of Notification No. 61 herein enclosed with a request that it be returned announces that wireless stations in the United States are forbidden to receive or forward code and cipher messages from and to the nations at war.2 The information, to be sure, merely rests on reports from the Anglo-American Telegraph Company. Yet as the communication is of more recent date there may be some doubt as to code wireless messages being delivered.

In order to remove any possible doubt I have the honor to ask your excellency kindly to let me know whether a subsequent order has been issued amending that of September 5, 1914, or if the said order of September 5, 1914, is still in force.

Accept [etc.]

J. Bernstorff