File No. 763.72111Od2/4

The Secretary of the Treasury (McAdoo) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Referring to the requests of your Department for further information regarding the German steamer Odenwald, I have the honor to quote the following cablegrams from the collector of customs at San Juan, relative thereto:

[Page 857]

San Juan, P. R. , March 19, 1915, 12.02 p. m.

Do not believe coal excessive; steamer burns 55 tons per day. Will not be able to obtain full amount. Nothing suspicious has thus far developed.

San Juan, P. R. , March 19, 1915, 7.06 p. m.

All parts Odenwald thoroughly searched under my personal direction, including coal thus far loaded in bunkers. Search reveals no arms or ammunition on board ship. Steamer has taken up to this afternoon about 800 tons bunker coal. No cargo on steamer; all ship’s stores inspected. Loading coal under close supervision customs officers. No coast guard vessel in San Juan at present.

By direction of the Secretary.


A. J. Peters

Assistant Secretary