File No. 763.72111 Od 2/10

The Secretary of the Treasury ( McAdoo ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to quote the following cablegram from the collector of customs at San Juan, P. R., relative to the German steamer Odenwald:

San Juan, P. R. , March 18, 1915.

Hamburg-American cargo steamer Odenwald which has been in this port since August 6 has applied for clearance to Hamburg in ballast and to take 1,500 tons bunker coal. Vessel wishes to leave this afternoon. Rush answer.

In accordance with the advice of your Department communicated by telephone, I have this day sent to the collector a cablegram as follows:

Wire whether quantity coal stated your cablegram to-day is excessive for purpose taking Odenwald to Hamburg; also whether any suspicious circumstances.

You will be promptly advised of the collector’s reply.

By direction of the Secretary:
A. J. Peters

Assistant Secretary