File No. 763.72111Ei9/7

The German Ambassador ( Bernstorff ) to the Secretary of State

J. Nr. A 1810]

Mr. Secretary of State: H.M.S. Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Commander Thierichens, entered Newport News from the Atlantic Ocean on the 10th instant. The ship is in urgent need of repairs to be restored to seaworthiness and has to replenish her coal and provision supplies. The commander has asked me to procure for him permission to undergo the aforesaid needed repairs at the yard of the Newport News Shipbuilding Company and has reported that the extent of repairs and time they will take can not be told until the survey now under way is completed.

In compliance with the request of the commander of H.M.S. Prinz Eitel Friedrich I have the honor to beg your excellency to take the necessary measures and particularly to allow her to stay in Newport News beyond the 24 hours prescribed by law in accordance with Article 14 of the thirteenth convention of the Second Conference of The Hague of October 18, 1907.

The ship was formerly a steamer of the North German Lloyd, was drafted into the Imperial Navy at the outbreak of the war and was put into commission at Tsingtao as an auxiliary cruiser of the Imperial German Navy being manned with a crew from H.M.S. Tiger and Luchs in accordance with the seventh convention of The Hague of October 18, 1907.

Accept [etc.]

J. Bernstorff