File No. 763.72111/1679

The Lake Torpedo Boat Company to the Secretary of State


Evening paper alleges two belligerents complained against shipment submarine parts. We claim shipment to belligerent ports uncompleted and unarmed submarines or parts thereof as cargo merchant vessel is lawful under Section 5283, Revised Statutes, and precedents established by numerous such shipments by Lake Company and others during Russian-Japanese and other wars. We call attention to Moore’s Digest... Volume 7, pages 886, origin inhibition; 863, German naval reserve vessels sold Russia during war; 951, Russia sold Spain war vessels during war; 960, Secretary Evarts decision cargo shipment torpedo boats lawful under Section 5283; and page 894, Justice Story, sale American war vessels in foreign ports lawful. We want reasonable time file facts with local customs officer for certification and to submit views on law applicable pending which we respectfully request Department withhold decision.

The Lake Torpedo Boat Company